Personal Narrative: Mason Valley Trail

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“Get in the car.” I yelled at my sister as she lagged behind pretending to be in her own world. I thought of all the times in the last hour and a half that I had yelled at my sister. I only did it because she annoyed me and really gets on my nerves. I thought back to when Mr. Zimmerman said we had to go on a hike. I sat at my desk thinking “Great I have to on a hike with my mom and little sister.” I didn’t like going on hikes with them because it was not very fun. Well I had to do it so I did. We went on the Mason Valley trail. The whole time my sister was complaining that her legs hurt or she was tired or hungry. “Be Quiet” I would yell at her so I could enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature but of course she ignored and kept on complaining
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