Personal Narrative: Matthew Peterson

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Throughout elementary school I kept a small group of friends and I never made any new friends with the exception of one kid, Matthew Peterson. There was a lot of kids throughout my grade school career that would come and live in St. Louis for a year or two and then go to live somewhere else. Most of these kids had parents that worked for Companies that would constantly transfer them to work somewhere else so their kids wouldn 't stick around very long. I was never friends with any these kids, until when i was in fourth grade when I met Matthew. He moved to St. Louis from Arizona and was a nice, kind, and very funny kid that was always had a big crooked smile that ran across his face and through his bright red cheeks. He was big 10 year old boy…show more content…
Matthew’s house was the second house on the right and his house was similar to the rest of the luxurious homes. It was covered in stone and had dark brown shutters with a four or five car garage. The driveway was in a doughnut shape and in the middle of the driveway there was a stone water fountain that had two fish at the top that would spit water up in the air creating two identical arches of water. The front door was a massive dark brown tinted glass door that was about 20 feet tall outlined with dark brown stained wood. The door stood behind a row of stone columns that looked alot like something you would see outside a government…show more content…
I followed Matthew off to the right of the stairs where there was a short wide hallway with tanish brown walls and carpet instead of tile floors like most of his house. At the end of the hallway on the right was a extremely wide sliding door that blended into the wall and when Matthew opened the door the room it was pitch black and I couldn 't see what was inside until he turned on the lights. Once the lights turned on I recognized it was a theater room but this theater room was not like any other average in home theater room. The thing with Matthew’s theater room is that it actually looked just like a movie theater. It had the dimmed lights on the side of the wall along with dark red curtains hanging down to the floor next to the screen and all along the walls. The theater also had real authentic glowing red leather theater seats that could fully recline backwards with cup holders and there was several rows of these seats with each row going up higher than the next. It also had a projection inside the back wall and also in the wall next to the projection screen in front were four subwoofer speakers. Not to forget their was a classic, old fashioned red and gold trimmed popcorn machine completed with a butter dispenser on the side of the machine. The machine was shiny and the light in the room would glisten on it’s glossy red and gold exterior. It was fully functional and Matthew made me some popcorn with it and the popcorn was very tasty and flaky with small kernels that
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