Personal Narrative: Me As A Global Learner

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Me as a Global Learner

I am a quick learner but I tend to be procrastinator and I enjoy learning about new things; however, I look forward to doing things simple but helpful over time. I am interested in encouraging others to do well by helping my friends learn habits like saving water. I am a shy person who likes biology and language arts. I have a large group of friends that are Intelligent and interested in English and Science. My family and I all participate in charity for St. Jude 's Children’s Hospital which helps with cancer research and cancer experiments for younger children. I tend to be helpful towards others; I help overall by taking five minute showers, recycling, and participating in charities. I am not as efficient at
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I am, inventive, creative, artistic, and I tend to be a loud. I like all sports and have played baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, and golf. I am an outdoor person. I enjoy bike rides, spending time with my friends and I like the summer as it’s sunny, warm, there’s nothing you need to work on. I have more time to go and do all of the fun outdoor things like bike rides, sports, hiking, and time so I can play with friends. I have always been interested in the Rocky Mountains and I like to go hiking with my family. I just went on a hike recently up to Estes park and we saw Alberta falls and Lake Vale (The Loch Lake). I am an interpersonal learner and a mathematical learner. My family’s lineage is Italian, Cuban, and I’m from Denver so we are spread out. I’ve been all around America and have never been to Italy or anywhere outside of America, but we are planning on going on a cruise to somewhere tropical with my aunt and uncle. My family replaced all of our lights with Eco friendly lights, and we replaced all of our shower heads with shower heads that reduce the amount of water…show more content…
I was always on the honor role in elementary, but with the sudden incline in homework and classes I fell off the horse and started to get worse and worse grades, but this year I want to do everything asked of me from my teachers and my family. I am going to work hard this year and I want to get at least a 6 - 7 as my overall grade in all of my core classes. In my electives even in elementary I was always good at them because they’re more interactive. I was playing viola scene last year and I am getting used to it. I know how to play one Ludwig van Beethoven song (Ode to Joy), and I know how to play one song by the Surfaris (wipeout). later in life when I am 18 I want to have my own condo, and I want a new Honda civic for my first car. I want to have a good job and I want to be smart with my money so later I can go to Italy to learn about their language for a
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