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After coaching a lacrosse camp all day my friends and I treated ourselves to a cup of iced tea from Mean Cup. It was a bit of a hike from the lacrosse field but it was well worth it. The seasons were just starting to change from summer to fall and I could feel It in the air. For me, fall is my favorite season to get any kind of drink. The weather is never constantly too hot to get a coffee or too cold to get an iced tea, it is always somewhere in the middle. Today was a picture perfect fall day chilly with a slight breeze and a sun that made it feel like my face was a sponge and absorbing all the sun’s rays. A beautiful day like today always leaves me craving a chilled beverage.
“MEAN CUP” was spelled out with sizable fiery red letters on the rusty roof of a long antique building strip. To the right of Mean Cup was a Thai food place with a green interior which did not look to appetizing and to the left was a cute little boutique. All my attention was on the pleasant coffee shop, Mean Cup. A freshly blended, cold strawberry banana smoothie was all I could think about, it was like I had a test on that smoothie and all my energy was focused on getting that drink. I had been craving a healthy smoothie that would make me feel less guilty about all the greasy,
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It was my go too, and favorite morning drink. I was really worried the iced tea at Mean Cup would not be able to live up to that back at home. “Katharine, mango iced tea!” my drink was ready so fast I did not have time to reminisce about the iced tea at home and all the memories surrounding it. My drink tasted like eating a bag of sour patches and not being able to add any water, it left a bitter feeling in my taste buds. Adding Trivia to it made it much sweeter consumed much of the bitterness. The tart lemony iced team mixed with the sweet sugary mango made every sip a bit different than the

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