Personal Narrative: Mean Girls

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Mean Girls I jumped out from my bed at 6:30 when my alarm turned off. I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. My mom was drinking her coffee in her favorite red mug with my picture on it. I was going upstairs back, when I heard a sweet voice “ Have a good day Kailey, on your first day of seventh grade.” In my family, it’s just my mom and me. My dad had cancer when I was five years old. We just move to 367 Clark street Des Plaines, Illinois. I am starting my Seventh grade in Clark Jr. high. I took a deep breath and looked at a board that says Clark Jr. high in big bubble letters. My stomach has butterflies. My mom screamed, “Good luck” from her car. In my mind, I was wondering lots of things like, what if I can’t make new friends,…show more content…
In the morning at school, when I entered everyone was smiling, laughing, staring and talking about me. Sunny ran up to me and said," Henna told everyone that you have a huge crush on Bill and made a sculpture of Bill and you practice kissing him every night." I wanted to die. I didn 't know what to do or say I feel like crying. I felt water coming out of my eyes but, I hold back my tears and ran to the nearest bathroom I found. Sanny followed me. I locked myself into the stall. Sunny came to the door and told me to stand up for myself and don’t give up so, I went outside tried to be strong and ignored everyone.
The next day when I didn’t feel like going to school, but then I remembered what Sanny said TO NEVER GIVE UP and STAND FOR YOURSELF. At school, I told Henna and everyone else who made fun of me to “ How do you know I have a crush on you? I don’t have a crush on Bill and everything you said about me is not true.” It felt nice having Sanny standing next to me. She made me feel brave. I am really lucky to have a friend like Sanny. Later that day Henna and her friends came to our table and apologized for making fun of me. I asked Henna “ Why did you make fun of me?”
Henna replied “ I made that up because when I asked you to sit with us you didn’t, instead you chose to sit here. That made me mad because no one refuses to me. I am really sorry, I hope you forgive me and we can become good
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