Uzumaki Naruto: A Short Story

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Meeting Uzumaki Naruto was not love at first sight, that much was for certain. It wasn't second sight or third sight for that matter either. Sasuke groaned, wanting to forget the last 24 hours ever happened. He tried to become comfortable on the black leather couch and pay attention to anything other than his persistent thoughts. Stuffing his face into a pillow in embarrassment and anger as he remembered the details that took place. Sasuke's white iphone dinged with an incoming message from an unknown number. "Up to hang out tonight?" -NU Sasuke did not give out his number freely. It was apart of keeping a low profile and his phone was mainly used for an emergency. Seeing it was not anyone from the pack and this unknown bastard was stupid enough to be friendly made Sasuke suspicious.…show more content…
"Prank texts are annoying and show you don't have a life. Im going to block you now" -SU "WAIT! It's Naruto. Forget me already? I am the hot guy with an awesome smile. I was just wondering if you wanted tg on a d8?" -NU Oh god. How could he not forget this moron? And there was no way he was going anywhere with him. "How did you get my number?" -SU "Ill tell you when we c each other. So how about that d8?" -NU "No" -SU "Please. I promise you won't regret it!" -NU Sasuke was already regretting it. "No. And Im blocking you" -SU "Come on! Is there anything I can do? And why?" -NU "Actually...yes. Because youre a stalker" -SU "Name it and Ill do it!" -NU "Delete my contact" -SU "Was last night really that bad?" -NU The phone bounced as it was tossed to the other side of the couch. Sasuke did not want to talk to Naruto anymore, just like how he didn't want to talk to him last
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