Personal Narrative: Memoir

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Memoir It was Thursday morning,I had a doctor 's appointment. My football game was tonight . I had french toast then I got dressed clipped my nails and we were late we had to get gas. My appointment was 8:45 I looked at the time 8:50. When we got there I signed in and got my wristband on.

I sat down I told my mom “mom I’m nervous.” and she said “it will be ok.” Then I had to go to the bathroom when I got out she called me in it was a man and he asked “ what’s wrong.” my mom said”his growth plate in his right foot is broken he broke it last year and it is bothering him again.”

Then he analyzed it and pushed places around my foot. Then he took me to a dim lit room where I will get an X-Ray then they took the wrong foot so, I had to get another one then they came back after so LONG!!!
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Then they fitted me into this boot and let me go. I had a bad time there but it was for the greater good.

Then me and my mom started calling my family members and told them my growth plate was broken. I could barely move it and it hurts, and I stayed home the rest of the day. I mostly lied down and iced my foot. That is the memoir of my broken

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