Personal Narrative-Memoir Of War

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In the locker room I could barely hear myself think, with every possible yell and roar as if warriors were getting to head out to the battlefield as if they were about to go out to war. Only moments before was I putting on my gear from the color coded pants to the reinforced helmet to be ready to take on any heavy collision. As we wait for the coaches signal, the warriors wait in the dark hallway ready to be let loose against any dare to oppose and try to stand in our way. As we stood in silent aggression the signal is heard and one after the other as the door is opened every warrior touched the doorway as luck going into battle with not only skill but lady luck on our side. With minutes after stretches and cool down we head over to our side, the only place where the other team could be safe from us and got ready to go to war. As our head…show more content…
I listen for their quarterback as the last words I hear from his muffled mouthpiece,“Down, Set, Hut!” As the final words have been shouted the war has been started. As quickly as he shouted his main runner the “running back” takes charge of the ball and attempts to force it through, as I already noticed and block his route, only I wasn 't the only one. The two frontman of each side making it a 2 on 2, one trying to break through the other trying to hold them off as long as they could. The runner ran into a brick wall, “without even a second glance I know where he is and Im going in for the kill” , were my last thoughts as I try to step around and next thing I know over 400 pounds had collapsed onto my leg, through the
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