Personal Narrative-Meter Race

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What causes hearts to race and adrenaline to pump? For me, it is the four by eight-hundred-meter race; this is especially true when it is the state meet. My sophomore year of indoor track was one to remember. I was on a team with three sisters; Kaitlyn, Lindsey, and Lauren. We trained from the beginning of cross country season in the fall, all the way through to indoor track in the winter. We worked every day after school.
Usually, in order to advance to regions, one must compete in the conference meet, but with the small number of indoor teams in the area all teams automatically advance to regions. The week of regions rolled around and the weather was awful. The forecasts predicted snow on the day of the meet, so the officials decided to
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I was rounding the corner and I could see Kaitlyn facing into track with her arm out. She was yelling for me. I could see Lauren on the ground, still out of breath from her run and Lindsey was standing next to her screaming for me to get to the exchange zone. I made it to Kaitlyn and threw my hand out in front of me to get her the baton. She took it and was off. I stepped across the small barrier to get to the inside of the track and out of the way of other runners. I sat down to recuperate from my run. I did my best to yell for Kaitlyn as she came around, but my breathing was still shallow and short. Kaitlyn gained a lead we were in first place. Kaitlyn came to the end of her final lap and it was Lindsey 's turn to finish it up for us. Lindsey took off, she is our strongest runner. We ended the race with a large gap between us and second place. This may sound amazing, almost as if we had won state, but this was just our heat. There was a fast heat after us and they were good. The other three girls and I sat to the side of the track waiting to see what our fate would be. We were all proud; but we wanted more, we didn 't want to just win our heat, we wanted to place in state, we wanted a medal. The fast heat finished and we were still not sure what the exact results were. There was a brief moment of confusion and then the team realize that we had placed fourth in the state championships. We won a medal and defied the rankings. We were ecstatic. We took hundreds of pictures and couldn 't get the smiles off of
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