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In the small town of San Diego, Texas is where the Mew Ranch lies. The ranch is 300 acres of mesquite trees and dirt roads filled with all different kinds of wildlife. This ranch has been in my my family a little over 125 years. My great great great great uncle, John Cleary, was the mayor of this thriving town back in the day that was known for its sheep farming. Everyone adored John Cleary and when elections were coming up, everyone knew that John was going to win. His opponent hired an assassin that killed him in a parlor and rode horseback back to Mexico to guarantee his victory. Shortly after John died, a disease came that killed all the sheep and made it practically a ghost town. The 3,000 acres of land that he had was passed down to his seven sisters who divided the…show more content…
I remember my dad setting up the hog trap with the leftover food we had after dinner. That trap is now nothing but pile of rust that lies just behind a dirt road. I remember running my fingers down the old chain link fence behind the house which was removed to expand the house. I remember waking up in the morning with the smell of bacon and staring at the particle board ceiling, making pictures out of all the random shapes. Now that board has been replaced with a nice painted boring wall. In the room that my family stayed in, there were two beds along with a bunk bed. When you walked into the room, you would have to feel around until you found the lamp in the back of the room which was the only source of light. The thing I like to do at the ranch most of all is to take a walk right after it rains during the summer. Crushing the soft untouched sand with every step and hearing nothing but the steady drips of water fall from the branches. If it rained really hard, then little red velvet bugs would arise from the ground and scatter around like a million little

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