Personal Narrative: Middle School

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Change is inevitable. It’s a potency no man can stand against, you can only adapt to the change, or else you’ll drown in a tidal wave of the unknown. People get complacent in situations, then the rug is pulled from underneath your feet, and you are now lying on the cold, hard ground. The most exuberant change that happened to me was during middle school, and I was completely blindsided, totally unprepared for what lay ahead of me.
Seventh grade was phenomenal. I had a surplus of friends, I participated in numerous sports, and everyone understood me. I was in control of my life and was poised. I felt as though I was on top of the world. That’s what happens when you have gone to the same school since kindergarten. Life was superb, until it changed. …show more content…

I still had my other friends, but we weren't close. They were nice to me, but I just wasn’t one of them, nor did I aspire to be.
The end of eighth grade was the best. I had made friends with girls I actually had things in common with. I even became close with a girl named Breana, and she was everything I wasn't. She was outgoing, comical, and she rolled with the punches. I admired her, I still do. Being herself a new student, she handled the change exceptionally well, something I still need to work on.
Life wasn’t perfect, but I could make do. I convinced myself that I was going to graduate as a Lync, and that the students I walked the halls with were going to be my graduating class, and I thought that this was as good as life was going to get. And I have never been more relieved to be wrong. I had an opportunity to go back to Nooksack, and after careful consideration, I snatched it, and never looked back. My first day of high school was like a breath of fresh air, and I had never felt more welcomed and included ever. People greeted me back with smiles on their faces, and it was as though the year lapse had never even happened. Lesson number four: things change, some for the worst and some for the best. Life is full of changes, and you need to adapt, and go with the flow. You need to persist through the dark times, and relish in the upright. Not only that, you need to realize that life too short

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