Personal Narrative: Middle School

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I'm sorry everyone I have been avoiding doing this story like the plague but hey 27follows!!! And 14 favorites what!! This is for y'all that followed and favorite my story so far enjoy!!! Love Rose After that I wasn't really hungry anymore the entire cafeteria was talking once more giving me a headache, so I dumped my tray and left for the library. No one was in the library except for the librarian that smiled kindly at me when I walked in. there where rows of books but I was only looking for one in particular. End of lunch I was half way through throne of glass when the bell rung for next period. I've been reading the book for a while but i never got to finish the whole thing since the whole moving to forks bit. Sighing as I stood up from the …show more content…

I'm a fast learner so i really don't have to do much but listen. When class was over I said bye to Angela and walked out heading to the gym. It was really annoying trying to get to the gym because kids would stop in the middle of the hall and start talking like the world revolved around them so I had to push my way through,literally. When i finally made it to the gym's locker rooms most of the girls where already gone, but I could smell my mate she was still in here. Her smell was just so intoxicating making me loose control over my thoughts and desires. The burning that was happening on my back was now a dull ache it must have had something to do with Alice being here. I went to the bathroom that was connected with the locker room and took off my shirt to check what was going on. On my back was a tattoo of angel wings one black as night and the other white as snow. The last timeIcheckIdidn't have a tattoo so I was beyond confused. “When did you get this”? Alice husked as she ran her finger down my spine between the two wings. I shivered as the touch of my mate made heat surge through my back to my

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