Personal Narrative: Middle School Anxiety

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At the start of seventh grade I had very stressful worries, but most of my anxiety went away as the year went on. I still have some worries that are stressful now. My first major worry is about forgetting my homework because I can’t get it if I had left it at my house. My next worry that I still have is being late. An example of this is that instead of my dad taking me to school, my mom is taking my brother and I. My brother doesn’t go very fast in the morning so it slows everything down. This shows that I have a higher chance of being late than before with my brother that is late getting up in the morning. One worry that gave me a lot of stress before, but has faded is getting lost or not knowing where to go next. This is because I have learned where all of my classes are and I am never alone in the halls. Now I don’t have to stress over getting lost anymore. My last worry that has faded is that there will be a lot of homework. A reason why I felt this anxiety was because with volleyball every night I knew I would need…show more content…
My first positive event at the Middle School is getting to pick your seats at lunch. A reason why this is positive is because we never got to pick our seats before. This reveals that as we get older we get more freedom at school. My next positive thing about being at the Middle School is that my dad works here in the afternoon. So I can go home with him. This is positive because I won’t have to ride the bus. This is because I can get home faster if he takes me than the bus. A surprise that has happened was how fast the day goes by. A reason why this is a surprise is because we have a lot of work to do but it goes by fast. My last experience that was a surprise because the work was easier than I thought it would be. However, the work is not too easy either. My experience so far at the Middle School has been filled with positives and
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