Personal Narrative: Minecrafter's Diary

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Minecrafter’s Diary A new world, let’s get started. I spawned in a plains biome surrounded by different forest biomes. I head straight for the oak forest biome. On my way I pass a small pond and a cave. I thought I could hear the faint groan of a zombie, which just made me want to get away from the cave faster. As soon as I made to the nearest tree I started punching it down. After awhile I finally got the whole tree down. So I turn the wood into planks, then made myself an axe. So I chopped down trees for a while. Then I made myself a sword and went to get some meat and wool from the animals, but first I had to collect my crafting table. Then as the sun started to set I checked how much stuff I had gotten, 12 pieces of raw beef, 1 raw chicken, …show more content…

Then I went outside and started breaking all the grass to get wheat seeds. Then I went to the nearest water source and started tilling the ground around it.Then I planted all the seeds I had, then went home. I checked my inventory to find a random paper in my inventory. So I decided to start making a map out of it. So I started drawing everything around me from an aerial view. When I was done night was falling again. So I got right back into bed and slept through the night. Then I stepped outside and turned a corner and saw a creeper sitting there. It turned around and started walking toward me. So I started running and hide around a mountain and when I thought I had escaped another one jumped out from a cave in the mountain. So, I started running back just to find the other creeper waiting there for me. So I started fighting the one behind me then just as the one that was now behind me got close and started blowing up I turned and ran right by it. It blew up knocking me forward almost killing me and killing the other creeper. So I ran home so I could regenerate my health. Then I went outside to find a zombie coming out of the nearest mine and shambling toward me so I quickly ended him. Then I ran and board up that my mine, then went home as night fell, then went to

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