Personal Narrative: Minnesota Camping Trip

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Minnesota Camping Trip When I was about eleven years old, my Mom and I decided to take a camping trip to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. We first had to drive about eleven hours to get to where we wanted to camp, and it felt like we were in the car for forever. We stopped at Lake Superior on the way up. I went swimming in the freezing cold water.We also saw the Temperance River waterfalls flowing into lake Superior and it was music to my ears. When we finally got to Tofte, Minnesota, I was so excited that I couldn 't stop smiling.I couldn 't stop thinking about what it was going too be like when we get there or what it’s going to look like. On the gravel road to camp, we saw a moose in the road. It was a baby and moved as slow as a turtle.When we arrived to a place called Sawbill Outfitters, there was a blind dog that was very friendly. We took our own canoe, but we rented some equipment from them for camping. We watched a video on camp safety. We had to watch it ,to get a permit to canoe into the Boundary Waters. When we were watching the video, it told us to smack pans together to scare black bears away,that scared me a little bit. Once we finished watching the video, we were ready to adventure in our canoe into the Boundary Waters.We thought we might see another moose while we 're…show more content…
My Mom and I spent four days canoeing in the lakes,camping in our tents and swimming in the river . We took all of our clothes,food and tents with us. We had to tie our food at the top of a tree and pull it up with a rope because bears would eat our food if it was too close to the ground. We also had plastic containers called “ Bear Barrels” that are supposed to be bear resistant . I went swimming in the water and I climbed on a rock that was three times as big as me that felt very sharp on my hands. There were unique seashells that I collected that were laying on the beach. We also made spaghetti over the fire.. We canoed back to Sawbill and camped there the fourth and last
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