Personal Narrative: Miss Muffet

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From the time I was four years old to around eight years old, I visited my great aunt and grandparents who lived in Canada for a week or two each summer. Among the memorable experiences of these short trips are: squealing and smiling as I fed ducks near my grandparents house, staring up at the ceiling of the local swimming pool as I floated on my back through the “lazy river”, turning my head away from the television screen in terror while watching movies that I was without a doubt too young to be watching (Needful Things based off the Stephen King novel being a great example of this), and learning about insects and other creepy, crawly creatures at the local bug zoo. Throughout the yearly visits to this strange version of a zoo, my favorite…show more content…
Miss Muffet and I, however, have personal differences in our philosophy that I only realized as I grew into the person I am today. Ignoring the fact that Miss Muffet voluntarily eats curds and whey, (a sign that shows she cannot be trusted in and of itself) her immediate response to a spider sitting next to her was to flee the scene, rather than stay, observe, and learn. To this, some might respond: Cate, you have not experienced such an event! Do not judge without having been in the same situation. Little do these people know, I shared a bathroom with a spider for months on end just this past year. I’ll admit, when I first noticed the spider my immediate want was to call down to my dad and have him rid the creature from my presence. This, however, did not happen. I let the spider stay there that day, assuming it would be gone the next. A week passed, and my assumptions, like assumptions often do, proved false. The spider must have decided the windowsill of my tiny bathroom window was perfectly situated above the shower to provide a warm, cozy place to make its’ home. Eventually, I became accustomed to seeing the spider every few days, sometimes going as far as to stand on the edge of my bathtub to get a closer look at it. I watched it move in a way that switched my steadfast allegiance from the stick bug to the
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