Personal Narrative: Miss Porter's School

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The first time I noticed Mike Newton, I was at the campus dining hall completing my community service. Miss Porter’s School required all students to do ten hours of volunteer work each week. According to the program director, Mr. Banner, it gave us the opportunity not only to prepare for college but also, experience firsthand the joy and sense of purpose that comes from serving others. I had undoubtedly won the placement lottery and been given the prestigious job of kitchen duty at our school’s cafeteria. Ten hours each week, I scrubbed tables, filled salt shakers, helped take inventory, and completed any other menial tasks that needed doing. To make matters even worse, I had to wear a hairnet and rubber gloves the entire time I worked. Alice…show more content…
So I protected myself by feigning ignorance. I pretended Mike Newton didn’t follow me to the library every afternoon before dinner. When I caught sight of him lurking in the hallway outside my English classroom, I convinced myself that my eyes were playing tricks on me. And if I thought he was outside the window of my dorm room, it was only my imagination. ---- Time marched on; I was almost finished with my first quarter of classes. Mike Newton remained my shadow while Alice despite all my qualms, became my best friend. Her parents - particularly her mother - were even growing on me. I had spent a considerable amount of time at their home, and was included whenever they visited and took Alice out to dinner, to shop or to see a movie. Summer break was three weeks away, and I was uncertain about where I would spend it. The one time I had reached Charlie by phone, we had only spoken briefly. “Dad! Where have you been? I have tried to reach you for the past month!” “Bells, you shouldn’t be calling,” Charlie censured. “I’m very busy at work. I’ve been assigned to an important case.” “But, Dad … I need to talk to you about something very serious …” “Not now, Isabella.” He interrupted. “Focus on your schoolwork and don’t be calling me all the time. I’ll call you.” He had hung up without even giving me an opportunity to tell him about the Cullen’s or Mike
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