Personal Narrative-Modern Girl

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she didn’t have her epuimemt, her backup singers of condo made for this. She rushed through “Modern Girl.” Okay close enough, Tabitha said and heaved her box of bars, water and the swatch of the dress. She went back down to the lobby, checking for Fisher. The lobby was human-free. Tabitha set on the battered and crushed box but sat next to it. She watched the street eagerly but was rewarded with only the occasional bot. She munched on several more bars, but they weren’t as good. Now that she wasn’t hungry, she really didn’t like Granola Giant. Where is that blue car? Mao should have told what shade of blue, Tabitha thought about the inconveint. She wiped her sweated hands on pants. I want a shower, Tabitha thought and clean clothes.…show more content…
He grows a whole group of people to use a batteries and drugs the workers that walk around.” Tabitha chewed on the ideas for a moment. Why do they give us pretty things and pump in endorphins.” She was searching for a reason not believe. “But there are hundreds of thousands of drones. My parnel unit, me and the free walkers number about 400. A slave rebellion would…” “I’m no slave.” “Yes you are and the best kind: one that has been convinced she is master.” “Shut the hell up.” “I’m sorry Tabotha,” Mao called her voice losing some of its fire. “You weren’t one of the one I found that was ready. Peter was ready. He is who I tryied to call for help when Coleman came, but the computer call the last digi I hacked: you. I hadn’t meant to drag you into my rebellion.” Soothed my Mao’s voice, Tabitha groped for something to say to erase the word rebellion from the air. “Your voice sounds different.” “Thank you for noticing. This is my real voice.” “Instead of what?” “I used the image and voice of the digifriends I hacked. Mao is the most common name for a female digifriend. When I started poking around the list and picked different Maos.” “You picked digifriends with your name.” “My name isn’t Mao. It’s
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