Personal Narrative-Monkey Bars

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Monkey Bars
Have you ever broken or fractured a bone? It was one of my favorite camping trips of the year. I woke up early and put on my favorite pair of cargo shorts and a cool blue polo. Then ran downstairs to put on my brand new Skechers light up shoes, which are cool when you’re only 8 especially if they light up. We hooked up our camper and were on our way to Lakeport state park , for our yearly camping trip.
When we got there I helped my dad put out the carpet and then attempted to drag the picnic table under the awning, but I couldn’t so my dad had to do it. So when we were done outside I went inside and asked my mom if I could help her inside, but when I went in she was already done and starting on dinner. She was tall for a woman, and her hair was curly kind of like a short afro.
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My brother was only 5 years old, he had on green shorts and a yellow t-shirt that didn't match. When we go to the park I was weirdly attracted to the monkey bars. My mom helped me across them a few times and that satisfied me for a little bit, but that didn’t last long
Then out of nowhere my brother decided he wanted to run back to the camper and of course my mom went after him, leaving me at the park by myself. Me being a kid thought I was strong enough to go across the monkey bars by myself. I got about 2 rungs across when my hand slipped and I went tumbling to the ground landing straight on my left elbow.
I got up bawling with wood chips tuck in my pants, shirt, and my elbow. I’m pretty sure I even had some stuck in my hair. By that time my mom was back at the park with my brother.
“What’s wrong?” she asked with a worried look on her face.
“Nothing, mom I’m
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