Personal Narrative: Monopoly Podcasts

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Monopoly Podcast Script In my everyday job as an asphalt maintenance worker, I had enough of putting in all the work I did and not profiting as much I wanted. So I talked to my dad who happens to own his own asphalt paving company and we decided I could open my own seal coating business. This is because of our Free Enterprise System, which is a system that allows a few restrictions on business activities and ownership. The 5 fundamental principals of the free enterprise system are Ownership, Profit, Risk, Competition and Monopoly. So the next day I took my right of ownership and went out and bought a seal coat tank and then I told my boss, I quit! I used the name of my dads company, which is Dino and Son paving. Like in the game of monopoly…show more content…
I have the right of Freedom of Ownership, which is the act state or right of possessing something without the government interference.When I opened this business I was taking a big risk by putting $5,000 into the materials needed to start. This is considered a Risk because I could either profit heavily or I could lose 5,000 in the process. A Risk is the chance of an investment’s actual return will be different than expected. This can relate to my monopoly game because I put up all the money to buy the hotels, however if no one landed on them I wouldn 't profit and it created a chance of me going bankrupt. Another reason that would cause me to fail in building my company up is competition, for example if the old company, Professional Sealcoating, I used to work for bids on the same job I did and their price is lower the customer might choose them over me. Direct Competition when two or more businesses offer products or services that are essentially the same. Like in my monopoly game when my competition Daniel bought Connecticut Ave and Vermont Ave. This created competition because these proprieties are right next to mine. Another time Daniel bought park place and I had already owned Board walk, which didn 't allow me to
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