Personal Narrative: Monsters In America

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I stopped looking for monsters under the bed when I was three. That was when I realized people had monsters in each one of them. It all started that morning, September 19th 2078, that was when the first bomb dropped. People were going crazy. They broke out into fights in the streets, robbed stores, and set houses on fire. This all started when a group of people said the government wasn 't working and attacked.Chicago got hit first. It was in ruins. That was just a warning. If we didn 't change the government America would be in ruins. Almost everyone was dead already. We were living in the one safe place in America, Dallas Texas. My parents rushed into our house where me and my babysitter, Megan, were sitting watching the news. A town near us exploded. All the sudden my parents burst into the doors. Megan looked at them. They said nothing but I could tell they were having a silent conversation. They grabbed a 3 bags. Megan ran out of the house. My parents took me to the car. We drove past blown up towns, wrecked farms, and pits of bones before we reached the cave. We ditched the car and went in. About 2,000 people were there. We walked over to chairs lined up. No one was saying a word. My parents say down so I sat down next to them. The chair tugged on my arms and pulled them into sockets. "This program…show more content…
There was something in my back. Just before I ripped it off of me I got my new name. Eliza. Eliza Waters. My old name I didn 't even remember. I sat down and someone else ripped out of theirs. They ran up to me and hugged me. I looked up to see Megan. "Megan I 'm scared it told me I was Eliza and I don 't know if it 's right" Megan bit her lip showing that she knew something. She grabbed me and we went out of the cave knowing my parents wouldn 't remember me. Right before we stepped out I saw a paper on the ground. "Megan wait" She looked down and grabbed it. It said what everyone 's faction was. Both mine and Megan 's was
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