Personal Narrative: Monsters Inc.

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When I recently rummaged through my clothes, I noticed a t-shirt I bought online a couple of years ago. The concept was simple: a yellow shirt with a girl 's sock placed on the left shoulder. After I looked at that shirt, questions kept coming to me. Why did I own this shirt? What made it so special to me? Of course, I knew it was a reference to the 2001 Pixar film Monsters Inc, specifically the scene where the agents tackle down in comedic fashion a monster with a supposedly contaminated child 's sock on his back. However, it had confused me at that moment, as it has for years, why I felt so personally attached to this film. It is one of Pixar 's weaker efforts and the plot, while decent, concludes with a giant company conspiracy that makes…show more content…
At age three, my mom dragged me and my older brother to a screening of some movie I knew nothing about. With my limited knowledge, I only paid attention to the inclusion of the word "Monsters" in the title. Cunning three-year old me knew that anything with that word, regardless of context, meant that I will die if I spent a second next to it. I refused to step into the theater and caused a major scene arguing debating with my mom with flawless logos such as, "I don 't want to be with monsters!" Ultimately, my mom carried me into the screening with me still resisting her movement. Because the screen displayed some short about blue birds, it distracted me from whatever I complained about before. I ultimately lost my attention when the actual movie started and let the colors on the screen pour out on me. Most of the time, I simply sat there, until the sledding scene started. My curiosity caused me to turn my head around and see something spectacular: a smaller, backwards screen! Whatever I was watching was not real. Someone else made it! For the first time in my cognitive life, I could distinguish fantasy from reality. My complaining from earlier seemed laughable, and now I set out to learn how that image ended up on that screen.
Before this, I accepted everything without question or skepticism. My parents would place me where they desired and I would have no input, especially for someone who did not even speak until I turned two. That brief realization during that movie

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