Personal Narrative: Montclair State University

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I am a leader, a whole hearted person that believes in the greater good, a selfless individual, an intellectual young adult, and a brave character, and it is on account of these qualities that I feel Montclair State University is the school for me. Being that I am an individual that has matured intellectually, emotionally, and now has the motivation needed to seek a positive trajectory and path in life, and I believe this school could only help further my growth as a person and strengthen my academic abilities. Writing has always been one of my strong suits and it is the best method I’ve learned as a way to express myself. Growing up, I had a rough childhood, and it was through reading and writing that I learned to better my perspective towards life. As a child, I grew a deep interest towards fiction books of all sorts, and the books that I was most intrigued by were the ones with a courageous and vigorous female main character. In the 5th grade, the novels that inspired me to break out of my shell were the book series “Thirst”, by Christopher Pike. The main character has a potent personality which allows her to tackle all of the obstacles placed in her path, and it was while reading this that I realized I could be just like her. As I continued reading the series, I began to realize that the author had the…show more content…
Moreover, I have grown to become a charismatic, strong, courageous, brave, and optimistic young adult that can and will insinuate a difference in society. I wish to inspire people one day and hopefully stir up some deep emotions that reminds them about the finer aspects of life. With my best foot forward, I am dedicated, if given the chance, to taking advantage of all the resources and opportunities that Montclair State University has to offer me, all while keeping other people’s best interest in mind as well while doing
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