Personal Narrative: Montreat, North Carolina

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Montreat, North Carolina is a Presbyterian Youth Conference located in Black Mountain. We meet so many new people, we exchange opinions, and we share our difficulties. We become so much closer to our youth group, which for the week is referred to as our back-home group. Montreat is such a safe place. I know I can truly be myself whether I am with my friends or with strangers. There are many activities to do while at the college. We rock hop with our back-home group, which is just walking through the creek to a small pool. The pool is about three feet deep and everyone jumps off this big rock into the ice cold water. It was so cold when we got out everyone was steaming. We would also walk to the cafe in the middle of the campus called The Huck. While I was sitting…show more content…
One of the more memorable activities was when Alex, Dylan, William, Sam, Abbie, Greg, and I went to the Huck the first day. Alex wanted to go sit by the waterfall, so we all walked down to that area. Sam played his music and we all barely talked. It was so peaceful. Montreat is my favorite place in the world. It is a safe place where I can truly be myself without the fear of being judged. I make so many friends while I am there and they accept me for who I am. One of the friends that I made in my small group was talking about why Montreat was so great. He said, “We are all weirdos here, that’s what makes it great.” We all share our opinions and we talk about how we want to make a difference. This year the Thursday I was at Montreat, my grandfather passed away. I did not tell anyone until I told my small group after keynote, but I think people knew something was wrong. I was not as bouncy or happy as I usually was, and Sam kept asking me if I was okay. I told my small group about how my aunt had died last year, my uncle a few weeks ago, and then my grandfather the day before. I could barely get through a sentence without
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