Personal Narrative: More Than Just A Coach

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More Than Just a Coach I first met Mr. Olson as a freshman algebra one student. At that time for me, I didn’t think he would have a great influence in my life. But now that I am a senior, and I have gotten to know him more as being an athlete, he has made an admirable mark in my life by being a great role model. He is more than just a math teacher and a running coach, he is someone who emphasizes strength and the importance of believing in yourself. The first quality Mr. Olson accents is the ability to have strength and power no matter the situation or adversity. I remember it was the beginning of school last year. Mr. Olson was gone sick for the longest time and I never knew what illness had brought him down. It wasn’t until my junior year…show more content…
I competed in cross-country for the first and last time my senior year, and it is true when they say that cross-country is a mental competition. It was by far the toughest sport I have ever participated in and it really hit me when I was running in the Western Dubuque race. I was over half way done with the meet, but the pain from the pounding in my head to the tight pressure in the soles of my feet was beating me up. My mind was constantly reminding me of the pain I was feeling and how easy it would be to just stop running. As I was making my way down a hill, I could hear coach Olson in the background telling me to keep going. I was so tired of running and out of breath I shook my head at him. No matter how painful the cramps were or how thin the air was passing through my lungs, coach reminded me that I can do this, I was strong enough, and to believe in myself. I knew all the hard work I have put into the season and I knew I have been through worse amount of pain. That small reminder of believing in myself had helped me finish that race. It’s good to have someone there to remind you what great qualities you possess as a person, but it’s even better when you know how to recognize them yourself. Being able to work with Mr. Olson has pushed me to aspire for my best potential. The endeavor to do my best has radiated pride of the good qualities
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