Personal Narrative: More Than Just Boating

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More Than Just Boating
On a warm summer day, nothing is better than going out to Lake Red Rock and boating. Boating is an extremely fun activity to do with friends or family because there is so much you can do while boating. I’m going to tell you a story about a day spent with my family out on the water of Lake Red Rock. It was the middle of June and my family and my friends Devin and Camden were at the lake, my dad was driving the boat. We stopped for a few minutes so my dad could tell my friends the signs to use when tubing.
“The signs are pretty simple, thumbs up to go faster, down to go slower.” Dad explained. “What if we need to stop?” asked Devin. “Just wave your hand around.” Dad said.
Camden decided to go first. We watched him glide from side to side across the water as my dad drove in a zigzag pattern, trying to throw him off. My dad turned the boat hard which sent Camden flying into the air and falling into the water. Camden threw up his hands and we went to retrieve him.
Up next on the tube was Devin. He wasn’t very experienced with tubing so he didn’t stay on very long.
I was up next, I swam out to the tube and
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My mom brought burgers and hotdogs for us to eat which are necessities if you plan on going boating. We sat on that beach for a couple hours eating and exploring and messing around. My friends and I climbed to the top of this huge limestone rock just for the thrill of it. We could see for miles and what we saw was beautiful. The sun shining off the water, the green leaves on the oak trees across the lake, the mixture of reds, pinks, and purples in the sunset. I wished time would slow down again, like it did when I was tubing, so I could stay there in that moment forever and bask in the glory of mother nature’s artwork. But I knew it wouldn’t last forever, it was getting late, my family was getting ready to head back to the docks. I took one last glance at the glorious view, and climbed
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