Personal Narrative: More Than Just School

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God is real and so so good. Maybe you can see how I tasted Him this quarter. At the beginning of winter quarter, I was unsure of many things. I had registered for 4 classes and I thought it might be too much for me to handle. This fear was true at times throughout the quarter. I was lazy and the only time I wasn 't was when I made excuses for why I didn 't have enough time to do anything. (Not true though because I played too much Everwing than any college student should 've during dead week) And one day, I came across Matthew 6:33 and thought, "Oh Jenny. Let 's figure life out and get things straightened up in spring quarter. There are more important things in life than just school. New quarter, new you." But the other me slapped me and told me, "Why not…show more content…
I didn 't let myself be defined by test scores and I surrendered all the broken pieces in my life to Jesus. It was (not THAT easy but still) easier to brush off the 56% on a physics midterm because I knew who I was in Christ and that I am still loved and valued regardless of how bad I do on exams (but not going to lie, I almost cried during and after the test). After my life started looking and feeling different, I started doing better in school for some reason. My grades were not so pretty until about week 6 and God just pulled me through. Honestly I don 't think I could 've achieved anything without Him. Nowhere am I near perfect but I wanted to share how good He is. He 's not looking for someone perfect. He just wants you as you are. My little efforts to put Him first in my life (which does not have a 100% success rate) still gives him joy. God has given me unbelievably high grades through my small efforts. Imagine what could and would happen if we were to devote our entire lives to him!?? Good grades are so minuscule to how much he loves and cares for us heheh. Thank you for reading my little story if you made it all the way down here. God is blessing your life at this very moment, just let Jesus into
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