Personal Narrative: Mother-In-Law Murder

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The radio program I chose was Mother-in-Law Murder. The background music was very loud and distracting, making it hard to get into the feel of the program at first. There were issues with the audio stream that made it difficult to listen and lead me to find another way to hear the program. Lots of strange sounds in between scenes made me more conscious of reality and prevented me from fully submerging myself into the program. I was listening alone but had to deal with people coming in and talking to me, making it hard to pay attention. I was doing some homework during the program and it made it slightly harder to pay attention during the program. One of the people in the program was talking very quietly and made it hard to understand, causing me to become a bit bored. Some of the language used was strange and caught my attention. When the daughter-in-law spoke, she mumbled a bit which made me confused. Constantly saying she was innocent was a bit irritating to me, but I believed her. The commercials in between scenes were distracting and irrelevant to me. I had never heard of the cigarette brand which made me feel lost and uninterested. When the evidence was discussed I started…show more content…
The discussion about the stolen radio was not entirely easy to understand due to the large time gap between the program airing and the current time. I t believe it was possible to listen for non-verbal communication to an extent, as some things can be imagined due to the context of the language. I imagined the detectives giving each other looks and nods from the way the story was told and the events taking place. After a shaky start, I enjoyed the program for the most part. It was not the most original story but I did feel moments of surprise. I would recommend the program to fans of law and crime shows, as I was imagining similar scenes that I had seen on

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