Personal Narrative: Moving Away From My Dad

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Moving Away From My Dad. Everyone is so happy about the relationship with their dad but not me i wish i never met mine! My biological father when i was smaller didn’t care about me at all and my well being. He chose his girlfriends kids over me and it got to the point that i could not take it anymore. In 2012 i told my mom i could not do it and i said i need to get away from him. So we fought and fought to get it so i did not need to go up there anymore. He complained but then we found out that i was old enough we did not need to fill out any papers and i could be myself and make my own choice. So i did not talk to him for the longest time and then something told me i needed to make plans and talk to him. He and i went to dinner which was awkward, never ending, and i wanted to leave…show more content…
It was fun but afterwards he was trying to tell me i did not have to let my mom hide me from him and i flipped out at him saying that i left and did not talk to him because you focused i said on everyone else but me and i was wasting my life with you. And in a way he used me because after the wedding he did not talk to me for the longest time he kept asking to talk to me and i said i was done. He broke me down enough i did not talk to my own friends and i did not want to go through that again. He tried and tried and i shut him down time after time and not once did i look back and think he might have changed. He crossed the line when he started telling everyone we knew that my mom had been hiding me from him. And all it took was one person to stop me in the middle of Safeway and ask me why is my mom hiding me for me to snap. I flipped out and started yelling at the lady saying she should watch what she says because it's not true and she needs to mind her own business and to leave me alone. Later that night i told my mom and she said “ oh that's why you were yelling in Safeway” and later on i messaged my dad and told him goodbye and i blocked his number and to
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