Personal Narrative: Moving Back To Maryland

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The move back to Maryland was one of the biggest challenges in my life, everything was okay in Ohio until my step dad caused problems with me and my mom. It all started when my mom tried kicking my step dad out of the house for domestic violence. She kicked him out because not only has he fought with my mom, but he and I have fought a few times. Everything seemed fine at first until he kept bringing police officers to our house claiming almost all of our household items were his and he wanted to get them back.
Of course the officers eventually weren’t allowing him to keep coming back to bug us about it and told him to go to the court and take the problem to a civil court judge. Since we know he was going to keep bugging us and trying to take our belongings me and my mom got a restraining order against him and the judge granted it. We finally just wanted to move and get away from all this stuff. But he tried to stop us since we had to tell the judge we were moving and he heard it during court. He obviously didn’t want us moving because he wanted our belongings since we kicked him out. But thankfully the judge said we are able to move back to Maryland since my mom already called her work in order for her to continue to work at Verizon and get transferred there. Of course he was mad and tried to file more papers on
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It seems to me like it’s getting better. There isn’t any more problems anymore and we are settling in okay close to family. So I’m also grateful this challenge brought my family together and filtered out me and my mother’s life by getting rid of the bad stuff like my step Father. And just simply moving on. I’m almost positive my hardest challenge is over and I truly believe it was my hardest challenge in my life. Now I’m just grateful for the positivity coming out of this whole
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