Personal Narrative: Moving From West Virginia To Arizona

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A life changing event that occurred was when I moved from West Virginia to Arizona. Which was a tremendous trip which took about two thousand miles,by driving. On our way to the desert my family and I stopped at campgrounds,resorts was memorable. It provided me with a new aspect of how truly large the world is. While stopping at campgrounds along the road to Arizona I was able to admire the scenes,explore the town metaphorically speaking. While staying the day at the campgrounds my family and I would go hiking,swimming, out to eat and visit tourist destinations in that area. As my family and I entered Arizona it was eye opening. It was very shocking to see that palm trees actually existed it Arizona.

This event was of particular significance because it provided me
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Being able to live in Arizona provided me with new opportunities. For instance being able to attend East Valley Institute of technology . Also having the opportunity to be on the track team my freshmen year which was always goal of mine. Truly, I am glad my family and I moved it gave me time to spend with my grandmother who was there for me every day and even a phone call away. My favorite part of the move was knowing that I was going to have a new home and new goals. Although during the event there were sad moments when I would think of the friends that I left behind. Many people can relate to this type of experience because we lose friends, have new starts,new schools.

During the trip to Arizona my mom and I had a conversation about the weather. My mom stated “at least we don 't have to deal with the snow”. Truly the Arizona weather is like paradise and back in West Virginia we would always have to shovel snow. To continue, when we arrived to our new home I was mesmerized by the scenery of the home. After a long month of driving and traveling throughout the country we finally met our destination our new
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