Personal Narrative: Moving In High School

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“You guys ready?”, my mom asked us as she closed the moving truck and hops in the front seat. As I load my bag in the truck, I remember facing the continuous struggles of moving. Growing up, I constantly moved from state to state, and being so young in the processes just caused a lot of stress in my life. Being my 50th time moving, I had to learn different teaching styles of each school, some being easy but most very hard. Moving helped me learn how to work hard to adapting to new environments and learning styles. The first high school I moved to was Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Chicago, IL. It was my first high school and by far one of the most challenging schools I ever attended. They were one of the top ten schools…show more content…
My heart would race and my hands would tingle and sweat. I told myself multiple times, “ Come on you’ve moved 49 times, you can do this!”, but in reality I couldn’t. My freshman year was the year I struggled so much with my classes,which was weird for me cause I usually exceed in my classes and make wonderful grades but at this school it was not the case. I would constantly have to stay after school for tutoring, I became overwhelmed and began developing anxiety. It would be so bad I wouldn’t even want to attend school because I was so scared of failing and making a fool of myself. Once my anxiety levels got very high and I had my first ever panic attack,it felt like I was dying and I couldn’t go on with my life anymore at that moment I felt like it was all over. I came to the realization that it was time to step up my game. Yes, I went to tutoring every single day but it just wasn’t enough, “What can I do to better myself and my grades,” I would ask myself. I then started asking for extra credit everyday, and everynight I was always reading my textbook, learning a better understanding of my work. I started taking notes every single day, and even though my hands were throbbing
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