Personal Narrative: Moving In With A Child After Retirement

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1 Do you imagine that you will move in with your children or other family members when you turn 65? 85? Why or why not? My choice in moving in with my children after retirement depends on my health condition and the time; if I am healthy I will continue to follow my dreams, but if my health is poor then I would settle down with my family. After retirement, I would love to visit other countries and places around the world. I want to explore as much as I can and volunteer as a mission nurse. Before I settle down, I want to fulfill all my dreams and live my life to the fullest. However, if my health condition is poor, I would probably move in with my children. The reasons for moving in with my kids are because I want to spend the last part of my life with my family and I would rather die in a home rather than a health care facility. Another important factor that influences my decision is my culture, which emphasizes on family value. 2 Where do you expect your income to come from in retirement?…show more content…
After reading about the Social Security, I learned that it is not as reliable as every person thoughts it would be. There are constantly adjusting the terms and conditions for the Social Security. So by the time I am retired, I might not be eligible or receive as much income as I should. The other two options are the private pension, which is not for every worker, and personal savings. Even though we do not make additional income from our personal savings, it should be more reliable than the first two choices if I carefully manage and planned out the budgets. Worse comes to worst; I would also rely on my children to help support me
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