Personal Narrative: Moving Into A Country

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College Essay Rough Draft Moving into a country which is 12,367 km from your home country is a big deal, and it changes your life in many ways. I moved to USA from Pakistan on October 2013, two years ago. I moved here with my mother and brother, while my maternal family lives here for past 16 years. When I came here a lot of things were completely different from Pakistan, but the one thing that keeps me in peace is my family. I got the same kind of love and affection from them as I was used to getting from paternal family. My family is so loving and protective about me, sometimes they treat me like I am four years old kid, who have no clue how to deal with this world. But I love this thing, because this tells me how much…show more content…
The first problem that everyone faces here is speaking and understanding english, but this was not a big problem for me, because I can speak English, the only problem that I had with it is grammar. And I was shy. As time passes by, I was getting used to that. The next challenging thing for me is schooling system, because it was different from Pakistan. In Pakistan, we basically use to speak Urdu in schools, while most of ours books were in English (British English). That is also one thing I am still going through, because there are still some words which I say and pronounce in British English instead of American English. I can not help it. My first year in school was tough, I kind of have no idea what I am doing. But, I never show or tell any of any teachers or parents, because I have faith in myself that one day I will get over this. For me to sit in one class for 85 minutes is not a big deal, because I used to sit in one class all day when I was in Pakistani school, but I can not listen to one lecture for 80 minutes, compare to 40 minutes. But I did and get used to it in my junior year of school in Guilderland. My junior year goes pretty good, due to support of my family, teacher and my will power. I give my best because I want good result and also my family has tons of expectations from me. Even though, I have other cousins who are my age, my whole family
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