Personal Narrative: Moving Into A School

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Throughout my entire life, school has been a confrontation. Some days wanting to stay home during the spelling test because my spelling was so atrocious. School had become a burden to me the only thing I wanted to do was play basketball. I had gone through countless sikova meetings to help me use tools and find ways around my reading and spelling problem. pt1 One day my 7th grade teacher had pulled me aside and told me that he saw so much potential in me and he felt like it was all going to waste; and that I would need to put more effort into school he said “(call to adventure) Ryan put as much effort into school as you put into basketball”. (I felt delude from that fact I had never been to the student who would be referred as smart. I began…show more content…
I was accepted to SHC; I was not prepared coming from small school with about 200 people. Transitioning into a school where that was only have the freshman class was a hard concept for me to comprehend. I began school and I fell behind fast my grades plummeted I was left feeling stupid. I worked incredible hard and soon my grades would come up discerning slow. As I got more comforta ble I was able to advocate for myself and seek help when I needed I began taking my test with my counselors. I understood how empowering and important advocating for myself was. pt3 I had become work super hard and improving every day. I advocated for myself. I began improving my grades went from (C,D) to (B’s and A’s) I went from almost to being on academic probation to all most have all A’s and B 's. I continue advocating and I have improved greatly. I relate my hero’s journey to Odysseus in the Odysseus because he had tried to come home for many years I relate it to my story because this is an adventure that I will be stuck with my entire life a recurring battle. This something I have been born with there is no surgery, medicine, superpower that will take it away. It has become part of me Dyslexia is part of my life and it 's just about persevering. As Julie Andrews once said“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” I have preserved and become the person I
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