Personal Narrative: Moving Into The Classroom

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4:30 is when cram time starts. I’m in the barn and it smells like shampoo, showsheen and sheep. Colors of show coats line the aisles, while last minute feed is given to them. The sound of sheep bleats, blowers and sheers are deafening, but the adrenaline rushing through you muffles the sounds of it all. Hope rushes through your veins as butterflies ties a knot in your stomach as you know the showmanship will feel like you are out there for hours. I pull my lamb out of his pen and get to fitting him. I fluff the leg wool and square it off. I spot wash his thigh as that was the only spot not covered by the show coat. There is not one shaving on his legs that the eye can see. I’m proud of how all my hard work has made him look. My hair is braided…show more content…
The tension is high as I take a step into the ring. Nobody is a friend while the show is happening. This is only my 2nd year showing lambs but there is only 5 people in my class so that gives me an even higher chance of me winning. We do our typical starting pattern; you walk into the ring and set up side by side, the judge pulls each kid out one by one (I am the final one to be pulled), the judge has you take two laps then stop and set up. I am standing there for what feels like an hour but I the reality is It has only been about 20 minutes. He pulls myself and one other girl out of the line up which signifies that we are the top two. I feel like I am about to start shaking I 'm so nervous. He begins talking about the winner which he has not said yet. As he is finishing up talking about the winner he come and shakes my hand. I was the winner. The girl in second was upset but like the good sports that we are we shake each other 's hand and congratulate on how well we did. I come out of the ring drenched in sweat hair sticking to my face and eyes burning from salt from the sweat dripping into them. I am overjoyed that I have won I am almost
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