Personal Narrative: Moving Starting A New Life

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Moving, Starting a New Life.
I was ten years old in fifth grade and my parents’ said “we 're moving to Idaho son”. I was depressed I knew I would lose my friends and my school. This was on my parents minds for a while, but I never thought they were serious. One day after the other we were packing, I never even told my friends. Until the last day when we had a surprise goodbye party delivered by my amazing aunt who also lived next to us in the city of Kelso, WA. This town is a beautiful town I still visit today but I never thought I would leave Kelso. I said goodbye to some of my friends as we took off to Coeur D 'Alene, Idaho. It 's only an eight hour drive, but still too far to hang out with my old friends. My sister didn’t care as much as me she was about to go into
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I was so happy to finally meet friends and it 's at this point I started forgetting about my old home and who I was. I could become a new me here. It was my friend’s birthday party the upcoming Friday and I was invited to it. I felt accepted finally into the community and my school. I was so hyped for it until a cold showed up like I did to Coeur D 'Alene and couldn’t go. Later, at school they were all talking about the party and my friend thought I didn’t come because I hated all of them and then they all turned against me.. Some of my friends though didn 't think that way they hanged out with me, which is when I decided to not have hundreds of friends. To much drama and way too much gossip. School was ending and it summer that means. It was this summer where I learned to love Coeur D 'Alene for the lakes that had water blue as the sky, a theme park with rollercoasters and slides, mountains that were never shy and stood up high, and parks me and my friends could hang out at. My friends all were very nice and I never told my family, since I was very stubborn, but I adored Coeur D’ Alene much more than my hometown. I was back to regular life and I learned that I
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