Personal Narrative: Moving To A New Country

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Moving to a different country again, having to restart everything that was already started and established in the country previously. But now it’s time to start from scratch finding a new job, being lost by not knowing anybody or any places. That’s what my mom had to go through. She also had to go through having low income. Since school costed a lot. But still pushed through the rough patch and became stronger as a person. Even when money was a low there was still a smile on her face. Still being happy, still smiling, and never backing down from the problems that wanted to drag her down. Showing me a perfect example for my problems that I would face later downs the road to just stay positive and happy. Thinking positively and thinking about how it could only get better the farther it goes. She dealt with the problems with a smile on her…show more content…
Not remembering where to drive home from school like remembering the road you passed by millions of time from since you were born. Now I started a chapter in my life, not knowing how to go through it. Being scared of what’s to come how I’d be able to do that or how I’d be able to find that out. I was just lost in a whole different country with a different language and culture. Different custom just basically everything is different from the way people look to the clothes on their body. But knowing I have to push through it and find a way to overcome this challenge that has been placed upon me. Needing to look up to other people on how they go through them problems. Seeing my mom on how she pushed forward and just didn’t let the problems or challenges bring her down made me think. Think on how I could take care of my challenge, on how I could handle the challenge that I needed to overcome. I just knew I had to keep my chin up and to not have anything that I double thought get at me. For me think positive and be able to solve this so called challenge once and for
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