Personal Narrative: Moving To Boston

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On my tenth birthday, my mom asked me to invite all my friends from school. Little did she know, that the entire school would show up. When I was my country at the age of fifteen to come to America, I was brought to tears at the airport. About thirty people who I still call my best friends came to say goodbye. Senior year of high school, I walked to prom because all my friends could not fit in the limo. My parents always asked me what is it about me that I just surround myself with all these people. I have a big heart. That’s it. There’s so much love in me that I feel the need to share it with a lot of people.
Today, as I write this personal statement, I have nothing to do but stumble through the memories I have made in the past. It has been two years now and I have never felt so lonely in my life. When I talk to my parents about this, they tell me that they never thought I could be lonely. The girl who never went a day without a friend, has three prescription medications battling depression. I really wish it was different. I made the biggest mistake of my life moving to Boston. I really wish I didn’t come to a commuter school. Every time I look outside the window of my apartment and every street is grey. I let the loneliness and depression take over my life. Just when I was thinking of dropping out of college, my therapist asked me this one question that has given me so
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University of New England is my Happy Place. The day I came to visit UNE, I saw bright and bold colors. This university offers everything I hope to achieve in college. Walking through the residential halls and eating lunch at The Hang, I could feel myself imagining a new life. A new start. The love of friends is more important to me than anything. I can’t succeed by myself. I am too young to feel so alone. This university made me burst out in life, gave me hope. I have so much to offer, so much love to share but I couldn’t do it alone in
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