Personal Narrative: Moving To Family

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Every kid has a significant moment in their life, but mine starts in Martinez, Georgia. I was 11 years old in the summer of 2011. My mom made the decision to move to West Virginia to be close to family. My parents were recently divorced and she felt she needed to be close to family for emotional support and to help to get back on her feet. She thought it was necessary to move up to West Virginia. She was and still is a very strong women for making this decision because she knew it was going to be hard for our family to find a job and settle down in a new place. It was going to be a hard change, but we were all going to get through it as a family.
It was the week before August 24, 2011. My family and I were starting to pack up our things and head to West Virginia. I knew I would have to leave my childhood
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During the party there was games like cornhole and horseshoes. The kids mostly played “spy” as we used to call it. Playing with my friends I didn’t think to much about the move because I was having so much with my friends! Everyone was eventually called into the house for dinner. This was the time that it hit me...the move is in two days and there was so much I wanted to do before I left. I noticed presents on the oak wood dinner table. The question immediately went through my mind; “why are there presents, it isn’t anybody’s birthday?” To my realization they were for us but not because it was our birthday but they were going away gifts. There was all kinds of them but, the one that stuck out to me was the “money tree.” Our friends actually created a money tree! They found a stick with a lot of branches and tied money to it. The money tree was a really funny and awesome gift. It helped us make the trip with the Uhaul and the cars. After all the presents were opened the tears started rolling because of the speech my preacher gave. Of course when mom started crying we all started crying we all started
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