Personal Narrative: Moving To High School

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Let’s move on. Moving to high school, this is where it becomes permanent. Between the ages of 13-17 I had figured out for certain who I was and what I wanted to become. So I did it. The first two years were a bit rocky, I’ll be honest. Then I became New Mexico’s largest school’s student body vice president, obtained scholarships, won student of the year, participated in multiple clubs and extra-curricular activities while the other kids flunked and smoked weed every day, (not that there is anything bad with weed it just so happens there is a correlation with failure and weed quite often, ther are the excepts however) grew my skills as a programmer/dancer/DJ/entrepreneur/everything, participated in many state conferences and western regional …show more content…

Now the rest of our lives lie ahead…let’s see what I make of it, and let’s see what you don’t. I have never had someone hate on me like this before, damn. I swear I keep it either positive or neutral with most people. Why is it that insignificant people bug me the most? The ones that haven’t done shit with their lives, the ones that dropped out of school and can barely get hired at Taco Bell, the ones that lurk on social media and sit on their couch to watch Netflix all day every day, the ones that get so fucked up every weekend that they jeopardize their well-being . Now don’t freak out on me, I’m not saying watching Netflix is bad, or being on social media is bad, or any of that. But when that is your whole life? Cmon. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not talking about the people that wake up at 6am, go to work, come home and chill all night. No. I’m talking about the people that literally do nothing with their lives besides do nothing… and get fucked up to the point where they make stupid decisions. I’m talking about the people who are drug-addicts, the people that are 19 years old, have a kid they don’t take care of, been to rehab, got so blacked they have driven drunk and crashed a car, does drugs on the daily, can’t hold a simple job, and still gets money from …show more content…

Who are you trying to impress? In the end you are just lying to yourself, and personally I think any negative act mentally or physically towards yourself is the worst thing you could do. I live by a quote that reads “Your best investment is in yourself and the people around you.” Who are you investing in by throwing your precious time away? Sure, one could argue that at this stage in our lives such thoughts are not needed. Why at 19 or so should anyone have to be concerned with their actions, behaviors, and future? This is the time to have fun no? Correct, it is. Everyone should cherish their youth as it is simply that….their youth. It only happens once but there is never any harm in putting thought into ones actions, behaviors, and future. Oh, you say you have? Great, what did you do about it? I sincerely hope something. Cause I know, damn well…. I have. This started off as a response to a truly hateful e-mail I received recently….Turned out to be kind of an interesting experience typing this. I’m not even mad anymore. If anything I learned more about myself. I use a lot of “…”, oh well…maybe… I’m… crazy. Funny how things turn out sometimes

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