Personal Narrative: Moving To Island County

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“Ding Dong, Flight 6684 to Island County, Washington, USA, has just landed, I repeat, Flight 6684 to Island County, has just landed”. It was all by pure luck that we were moving to Island County, or maybe, it was déjà vu. Previously, traversing around different countries in Asia, I was content and overjoyed to finally venture to a first worst country. My childhood was rough, lingering around people who spoke a multitude of languages that I will never fathom, wearing cultured clothing that I would be embarrassed to express myself in, taking part in local festivals that I had no impulse and desire to engage in, and eating mainland food that I disgusted. My whole life has been a mess, always on the move, from place to place, without the ability…show more content…
Immediately, after exiting the airport, a beautifully polished lavender sedan pulled up. From bumper to bumper the car was beautiful. I admired each and every one of its stunning details. The headlights shone just as bright as the blazing sun up above, which was beaming off the hood and into the supple, leather interior. Its darkly tinted windows prevented intruders from looking in. Then, looking down, I could see my reflection in the shiny,…show more content…
Getting out of the car, they exclaimed at the same pitch, volume and speed, as if they rehearsed their slogan because they knew we were coming, “Welcome to Island County, the land where no man is an island”, Oblivious to their dialogue, my dad tells me to explore the area and make some new friends. As I approached the basketball courts that was in the far distance, I took my hand out of my pockets and reach over for a handshake, “Hey, my name’s Chuck, can I play?”. Quickly the group of boys all turned around. Sweating profusely, they stood there like statues. Sporting the most luxurious and most well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas and Under Amour, I knew I was outmatched. After a long and uneventful pause, a voice sprung up, “Chuck, lets ball”, as the ringleader chucked the ball towards me. He introduced me to every single one of his mates, telling me every single defining attribute and characteristic. Apart from that, he told me something that I will cherish for my entire life. “Chuck, here in Island County, we play hard and treat everyone equally, it’s a small town, you help each other, they help you back”. I’ve never felt so immersed in a community where I can depend on my neighbours and my friends. My entire life, I’ve been struggling to find an identity, struggling to fit in, and struggling to find a sense of belonging. Until
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