Personal Narrative: Moving To Junior Varsity Football

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Texas is known for its agricultural landscape but most of all by Friday night Football. In small town communities like Dimmitt being on the varsity team is a big deal.Being moved to Junior Varsity football after making the varsity team, put me in a position to contemplate my loyalty to the sport and to the coaches I felt betrayed me. It's the first day of two-a-days, and I was put on the varsity team for middle linebacker. I was not supposed to be on varsity, but since I was at every summer workout and studied the sport for the upcoming season I earned a spot. When we went to start practice I was starting on both defense and offense and I felt unstoppable.Two weeks went by and we had our first scrimmage against the hale center. I…show more content…
On Monday 5 seniors didn't show up and the Junior Varsity team consisted of the just the quarterback. The week dragged slower than usual and our practices always resulted in some type of punishment. On Friday coach decided to have a practice to make up for the week. It was time to condition and a senior decided to pick a fight with me, and being a very prideful person I did not back down. After we fought we were made to call our parents and had a meeting with the board of directors. The consequence of our action was a game suspension for the senior and I was moved to Junior Varsity, and the only way I was to get moved up was if the team made it to playoffs. I felt betrayed because of all the effort I put in to be on the varsity it was taken away from me in a 4 hour time span. When I was moved down I hated the sport of football and I could not quit because I wouldn't be allowed to play the next season. I went to practice and watched all my friends play on the varsity with envy. I was anti-social on the field and made the other Junior Varsity players fear me when it was time to start practicing. The varsity had won one district game and the last game determined playoffs.They lost and it ended my hope of being on the varsity team my junior
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