Personal Narrative: Moving To Kansas City

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I slumped into the couch, not knowing what to think or where to go from here. I was still in shock. Well, not really. The writing had been on the wall for a long time, I should’ve seen it coming. Even then, it’s still hard to swallow. My parents were trying (and failing) to calm my brother down, who was still crying uncontrollably, all sorts of feelings and emotions gushing out of him. Just moments ago, my dad had us sit down. I knew it was coming. It was the same way that he had us sit down for near-miss in the summer. “We’ve decided to go forward with moving to Kansas City.” That was something that I would always remember. One side of me was sad. Very sad. Why wouldn’t I? In just a couple months, we’d be packing up and moving away from anything and everything that I’d ever known. The other side of me was cautiously optimistic. We’d be moving to a town that was most likely be nicer than the current, and there was a chance our lives could be better out…show more content…
During the summer, my parents were close to deciding to move to Bonner Springs, Kansas. My dad knew something was happening very soon. His old company, First Data, had recently been bought out by a bank named UMB. The transition was actually very smooth. Within months he was named vice president of the company. They all received assurance that their jobs were safe and affirmed this when they gave the working site a huge facelift. But dad wasn’t certain things would stay like this. His new boss was constantly asking him when, not if, he was going to move out to corporate headquarters in downtown Kansas City, and his site had already been barely staying afloat for the 13 years he had been there already. “Why would a bank in Kansas City want to keep an off-site building running in Toronto, Ohio?’ he wondered. Even when the head executives came in for a visit and left with amazing reviews, he still wasn’t convinced the stability would
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