Personal Narrative: Moving To Milwaukee

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Not everyone has the privileges to know what I’m about to tell you so consider yourself lucky. From what motived me to move to Milwaukee, my passion and my ambitions to succeed in life.
Saturday morning like any other Saturday back in 2009, in Glenview a small town just north of Chicago) I woke up at 7:00am to get ready and go to work like any other day, back then I used to work at this restaurant called Yard House, I was a prep cook, my job was to have all the ingredients for the salads ready, from dressings to tortilla chips for the second shift. Anyway no one expected what that day will change my life FOREVER. Like every other Saturday my cousins and I had plans to go to a club but that day was different I meet a person a girl, we talked, dance and we had a lot of fun, then I found out the she was only visiting her brother for the weekend because guess what she was from Wisconsin. So we exchanges number and promised to keep in touch we each other, we keep on talking thru the phone for a month and then she invite me to visit her home town Milwaukee, and liked the previews time we had a lot of fun.
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Then I remember that we had gone on a short vacation close to the lake; it was nice, so I say how bad can it be? Then I move to Milwaukee and just like that I was starting a new chapter in my life, I find an apartment and I started looking for a
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