Personal Narrative: Moving To New York

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I moved to New York one year after graduating from college to leave the past behind. In college, I majored in communication and film studies. I had goals since senior year of high school to move to New York. Granted, I had always dreamed about living in the city and decided it was now or never. I wanted change in my life and moved. The hardest part was organizing everything for the move. I needed an apartment and a job in one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Fortunately, I was not alone and I was able to make the move without going broke. I met great friends in college from all over the country whom I knew would stay in my life. These friends were not from the West Coast and shortly after graduation left the state. I contacted my friends and they helped me make the move. I primarily needed to secure housing before moving. I knew the struggle for…show more content…
I learned to purchase them from small groceries stores for much cheaper. I purchased things I could carry with me on the subway. I did not have to stick to Ramen, by planning out all my meals ahead of time. I purchased poultry, rice, and vegetables. I rarely ate out, because the street food was pricey. I found places where I could purchase a meal for under $7. Restaurants with sit-down service were usually expensive, but smaller restaurants were not. I tracked my spending and set a budget. This allowed me to make a monthly estimate on how much I could spend per month. The minute I moved to New York, I was never bored. The city was completely new to me and there was always a new place to go see. I spent little on entertainment, by taking advantage of all the free events. I went to sightsee places that did not require a fee. I could easily take photos outside buildings. I joined my friends at their apartments and we’d split the costs for entertainment at home. I made friends in every neighborhood to be able to go visit
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