Personal Narrative: Moving To North Carolina

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As I walked into the school, I immediately noticed how old the building was. You can tell sections of the building had been there for decades as doors, lighting and rooms resembled a style more fit for the 1980’s than the 2010’s. However, additions to the building have been added to accommodate size concerns, with those sections having newer structures and being better lit. However, I did notice, at least in my classroom, students had laptops to use, though the laptops were school property.
The classroom of Billy Giblin was located in the older section of the school. As I walked into his classroom, I noticed Mr. Giblin had a very relaxed demeanor to him. His hair was quite long, and the sleeves on his shirt were rolled to his elbows. When he talked to his students, whether in private or in front of the
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When I walked into the classroom, the students were learning about the reasons settlers first came to the United States, and the reasons some picked to come to North Carolina over other colonies. It was a basic introduction to the start of colonization, which was expected as the school year had just began.
The student body in Mr. Giblin’s class was quite diverse. 60 percent of students were female, while the other 40 percent were male. Out of that total percentage, 66 percent were white, 17 percent were Latino/a, 9 percent were black and eight percent were Asian. Compared to my educational experiences in a prominently white community, this was a different atmosphere for me.
Out of the students, the students who responded to Mr. Giblin the most were the white females responded not only the most but also correctly. Yet it is important to note how one female said she felt Mr. Giblin did not like her as she “talked a little too much,” which includes talking during times where the class is supposed to be silent, such as
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