Personal Narrative: Moving To Oregon

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I couldn’t be happier about moving to Oregon. I hate this smelly place we called home. Hi, I’m Billy and I’m 11 years old. I was born in Lawrence, Kansas, 1853. My family was moving to Oregon for my Papa’s job. Papa works as a trader which meant we moved a lot. But once we get to Oregon, Papa plans to find a new job. Anyway, on with the story. First we had to pack only the important stuff in the wagon. I decided to bring my favorite blanket. It gave me a warm feeling inside. As we headed off, we said our last goodbyes to Gram and Gramps. Two days later, as we were passing an old abandoned ghost town, as if by magic I heard a crack and saw that the top right wagon wheel broke. It would be getting dark soon so we found shelter in an old abandoned…show more content…
James, Joey’s brother, tried to fight me for injuring his brother. I tried to run. Jame’s tripped and nearly got run over by a wagon. He hit his head really hard and was also put in a coma. That night their parents plotted a plan to get rid of me. “That boy must go,” Mrs. Patterson said. “And I have the perfect plan!” “How, my dear, do you plan to get rid of that wretched boy without his parents noticing?” asked Mr. Patterson “Oh, you’ll see, Harold” Replied Mrs. Patterson. Later that night, Mr. and Mrs. Patterson snuck into our wagon. They quietly, without waking me up, bound me with rope and were just about to leave when, Mr. Patterson stepped on a pan and woke up my sister. “Help, Billy is being kidnapped!” Maggie screamed. That was sure to wake up my parents. “Run!” Yelled Mrs. Patterson. They got all the way to their wagon all the while they were carrying me. They put a bag over my head and put me in front of their wagons wheel. While they were doing that, Maggie was waking up Momma and Papa. Just as Mrs. Patterson made the Ox pull the wagon forward, Papa pushed me out if the way of the wagon. In the morn, Papa and Momma decided to talk to Banshee. Banshee made the decision to ban both the Pattersons and us from the wagon
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