Personal Narrative: Moving To San Antonio

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I was frantically trying to open the door as if there was a murder with a knife behind me. But wait, I think this is a little too far into the story. Let`s go back to about a day before. It was a regular mildly warm July day in Illinois. But on that day my family and I were going to move to San Antonio. My parents are always so vague when telling me the dates to events. I already knew that we were going to move to San Antonio. I had boxes filled with my things ready for the trip. But I didn 't know that we were going to move that day. So I treated it like a normal day and did my daily grind of video games. That all changed when my sister barged into my room and told me we were going to move in half an hour. I quickly dismantled my desk and I managed to put all my belongings in the storage truck. My dad started the mini…show more content…
The temperature hit me like a truck, it was boiling. It reminded me of the weather of the Philippines. We unloaded our stuff. After that my parents asked me if I wanted to go with them and get groceries. I declined and continued on with setting up my room. After I finished setting up my room I went outside for some fresh air. I walked around my neighborhood and before I knew it I was back at my house. I walked up and tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. I was frantically opening the door as if there was a murderer with a knife behind me. I stopped and realized that I had made the biggest mistake in my life. I ended up locking the door by accident when I left the house. Then I was outside in a scorching hot summer day in San Antonio with no phone, food, or water for 2 hours. Once my parents finally returned to the house my body was littered with bug bites. I ended up sleeping in a crappy air mattress and by the time I woke up it had already deflated. That day left a sour taste in my mouth. The truth is moving is hard for
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