Personal Narrative: Moving To South Carolina

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Personal Narrative Have You ever wanted to know what South Carolina is like? Well, Im going to tell you how it is down their. I was only 5 or 6 when i moved down there and we used live in dayton OH, but it took us about a week to decide if we wanted to move and pack up everything. At the time we had 3 dogs Trooper, Oatie, and Patches. I wanted oatie to go with us but my mom wanted patches so she won and patches got to go with us. we gave the other two to loving homes. Early on the weekend we had the trucks all packed up and we were ready to go. we left early in the morning so traffic wouldn 't be bad, it took us about 2 days to get down to South Carolina. When we go there we went to my Aunt and Uncles house where we stayed for about a year before
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